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Natural therapy for joint inflammation.

Suitable for preventing and treating arthritis, a limiting and painful disorder that affects millions of people in the USA.

BIO COLLAGEN ARTICARE is the best combination of highly recognized products used for treating this disorder. Each one of them has direct and beneficial effects on the joints.

  • Fights joint pain
  • Fights inflammation in joints and muscles
  • Reduces wear of bones and cartilage
  • Improves mobility
  • COLLAGEN, a protein that can normally be found in cartilage, tendons, ligaments, bones, and other body parts, is the most abundant component of skin and bones. For this reason, it is extremely important. Our collagen is Type I, which is the concentrated form and is better absorbed by the human body. So, it is effectively involved in repairing cartilage, as well as in strengthening nails, bones, joints, and even hair. It may reduce the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis: pain, inflammation, and rigidity of joints.
  • SHARK CARTILAGE contains many substances that are beneficial to the body, such as: collagen, chondroitin sulfate, proteins, calcium, phosphorus, sulfur, glycosaminoglycans, and mucopolysaccharides. So, shark cartilage is used for treating disorders such as arthritis, rheumatism, osteoporosis, and arthrosis, and contains components that eliminate damaged blood vessels located in the joints and regenerates them, thus preventing pain and inflammation. Glycosaminoglycans help reduce deterioration of body joints. When consumed together with vitamin D, the effects of shark cartilage are boosted and it helps the body bind calcium. Mucopolysaccharides are a class of carbohydrates with gelatinous appearance that mix with collagen to fight bacteria that may be found in the body.
  • CAT’S CLAW (Uncaria tormentosa) is a climbing plant that grows in the Peruvian Amazon. The variety used in this product is the best one, since it has strong anti-inflammatory properties, recognized in Europe and America. The WHO has informed about cat’s claw: “Interest focused mainly on the alkaloids, given that at least six of them were able to increase immunity levels by up to 50%. Five of the alkaloids were clinically documented because they were effective against leukemia, tumors, ulcers, infections, and arthritis.” Peruvian indigenous people use them for various purposes, mainly in inflammation cases. It is one of the most recognized plants, due to its remarkable effect on prostatitis and, furthermore, due to its immune-system-strengthening effects.
  • CAMU CAMU (Myrciaria dubia) is the natural source with the highest vitamin C concentration. It helps in the development of teeth, gums, bones, and cartilage, as well as in calcium absorption. Moreover, it supports growth and repair of normal connective tissue (softer skin, due to the binding together of cells, which require vitamin C to bind to each other) and is involved in collagen production. Therefore, camu camu plays an important role in joint therapy, which is boosted by combining it with the other ingredients.

100-capsule bottle (500 mg / 0.018 oz capsules)


Adults: Take 3 capsules a day after meals.


Keep container tightly closed. Store in a fresh and dry place, and keep away from light.


This product should not be taken by minors or pregnant women. It is not suitable for diabetics.


When taking the capsules according to the recommended doses and frequencies, no adverse secondary effects can be observed. This indication is no (medical) prescription, so it does not replace an appointment with the doctor.
Keep away from children.

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