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The best and most comprehensive natural therapy against kidney stones in the urinary system.

It prevents and eliminates kidney stones and/or crystals and gallstones due to the presence of components with anti-lithiasic, painkilling effect. Besides these properties, it is an excellent product for treating lithiasis in the urinary system. Stonebreaker, the main ingredient in this product, has hepatoprotective activity and is recommended not only by traditional medicine but also by numerous scientific studies for treating both hepatitis and the cell damage caused by ethyl alcohol, which can often be seen in cases of alcoholism.

  • Detoxifies and purifies blood
  • Protects the liver (hepatoprotective role)
  • Acts as adjuvant for treating hepatitis
  • Eliminates and dissolves stones
  • Improves kidney function, promoting easy urine excretion
  • Reduces kidney inflammation
  • Helps eliminate uric acid
  • STONEBREAKER (Phyllanthus niruri) is a Peruvian wild tropical herb that grows wildly in the Peruvian Amazon forests. It has unparalleled lithiasic properties. Moreover, we are combining it with other Andean herbs to further boost its therapeutic and anti-inflammatory effects.
  • HORSETAIL (Equitaseae) is a plant with highly diuretic properties, due to its high potassium salt content. It is actively involved in body weight reduction, kidney stone and gallstone elimination, uric acid level reduction, and other processes.
  • MANAYUPA (Desmodium molliculum) is a plant that is native to the Peruvian Andes. It has great anti-inflammatory effects and is a good blood purifier and an excellent diuretic that helps eliminate kidney stones and gallstones from the urinary system.
  • HUAMANPINTA (Chuquiraga spinoza) is a Peruvian plant from the high Andes, which is used as a diuretic, for gonorrhea treatment, and as adjuvant for eliminating lithiases (stones).

100-capsule bottle (500 mg / 0.018 oz capsules)


Adults: Take 2 capsules three times a day before meals, with ¼ gallon (1 liter) of water. Best results are obtained taking as much water as possible during the day. In severe cases, it is possible to increase to up to 3 capsules three times a day, taken with ½ gallon (2 liters) or more of water throughout the day.


Keep container tightly-closed. Store in fresh and dry place, and keep away from light.


There are no known adverse secondary effects. However, due to lack of studies, it should not yet be taken during pregnancy or lactation or by children.


This indication is no (medical) prescription, so it does not replace an appointment with the doctor.
Keep away from children.

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