Frequent Questions

  1. What is the difference between BLAMAC and other companies that offer natural products?
    We have a modern laboratory that produces our products, and a well-trained team of technicians and naturopathic doctors specialized in the subject.

    All of our ingredients and products are processed following the strict GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) standards, which enables us to offer you high-value products based on the best raw materials and a high added value.

    The treatments we recommend are useful and effective against the majority of the most common ailments and diseases. We offer our customers the best after-sales service.
  2. How long does one have to wait to see the first results?
    Many users can observe first results within 10 days of starting the treatment. However, other people may see these results only as of day 20, since not all individuals react the same way.
  3. Do BLAMAC products have any secondary effects or reactions?
    Since our products are natural products and are processed following strictest quality and hygiene standards (GMP) our products do not have any secondary effects.
  4. How effective are BLAMAC products?
    Our products are effective because they are processed and formulated by specialized engineers and doctors in our state-of-the-art laboratories. Our products’ effectiveness is also supported by the fact that they have been continuously used, since ancient times, by the Incas and their ancestors, a practice that has been kept alive to this day.
  5. If I am following a conventional medical treatment, can I consume BLAMAC products?
    Yes, in most cases you can consume them without any problem or limitation since these are natural products and thus free of any toxic components; in many cases, their positive effects complement the conventional products, thus resulting in an improved response. Nevertheless, you should ask your treating physician before consuming them.