About Us

BLAMAC is a company that manufactures and distributes natural products from the Peruvian Amazon and Andes regions, two of the world’s most biodiverse places. The ancient Incas already used these regions’ biological mega-diversity for treating diseases and deficiencies. Up to this day, their descendants make use of it with truly amazing results.

Our products have been prepared by BLAMAC’s medical team, following strict quality standards (GMPs or Good Manufacturing Practices) in order to assure the final product’s safety and effectivity.

BLAMAC provides high-quality natural products. Our formulations contain the ideal blend for preventing and treating diseases and deficiencies.

Thousands of people prefer our products and both drugstore chains and natural product stores have made us their suppliers of choice.


Our work philosophy is oriented towards attaining natural products of proven efficacy whose ingredients are harvested in the field and processed in our laboratories. This harvesting process falls within our sustainable development strategies, respecting multiculturalism, fair trade or fair pricing, and forest conservation, as well as improving the living standards of indigenous peoples.


Our mission consists of providing a natural alternative for improving the quality of life of all those people who suffer from a disease. We seek to apply nature’s benefits, virtues, and power to mitigate ailments in a natural way.


Our mission is to become a Natural Health Center capable of offering the world the natural products already used by the ancient Incas with great success and wisdom. We also aim to help people find well-being and energy to improve their quality of life.